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All our products are classified based on types as follows:
GRAFTED : To make sure that we will get exact characteristics of mother tree, we then do propagation by grafting by inserting a small shoot or scion of a mother tree into the rootstock. To do this way, we will 100% get the same characteristics as mother tree and grafted plant will have strong root system and grow very fast. We usually do grafted plant in 3 sizes i.e. small size of 9 , medium size of 15 and large size of 18.
CUTTING : To get very fresh and healthy cutting, we would take our cutting from rooted mother tree which is very strong and best selected plant. Our cutting is very popular and best seller since it is very easy to ship worldwide. We offer cutting in size 13 20.
SEEDS : We collected our seeds from mother tree and well prepared them with super clean process. Those seeds would be kept for 2-3 months for sell, the rest would be done for propagation. Please ensure that you will get our fresh seeds and have very high percentage for germination.
SEEDLING : Our seedlings come from the seeds germination which are taken from mother tree. If you wish to get new variety, we suggest you try with seedling. Our seedlings is usually run out of stock very fast since it is very welcomed from our customer.
Each variety is unique and has remarkable characteristics itself which are suitable for collectors. We have collected them from our own plumeria nursery, those plumeria are fresh, healthy and young which would be delivered to you with our best care.

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