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    You are bidding on  21 inches,3 TIPs cutting of Red Plumeria "Siam Red"


A beautiful red variety of rounded shape and 2.5" to 3" in diameter. The flower consists of oval, strongly overlapping petals of heavy substance. Dark red color of velvety appearance, dusted with gold towards center. Very light fragrance.

siam red Siam Red
Siam Red Siam Red

Siam Red

When we say Plumeria, we would think about the colourful, mysterious and sweety flowers. In Thailand,  Plumeria was initially called  Lun Tom which means to abandon all sadness and was planted in only temples; however, there was misunderstanding to have another meaning which are sadness and bad luck. Therefore, Lun Tom was renamed to be Lilavadee instead and it becomes more popular to plant anywhere in Thailand since then.

You are bidding 21 inches ,3 TIPs cutting of Red  Plumeria  " Siam Red " Image
Plumeria name :  Siam Red
Size:  21 inches,3 TIPS.

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Siam Red seedling